Thank you Keen!

Hello MAD Lions fans, it is our goal to keep you updated with everything that is happening inside the CSGO squad, you are part of this project too and this is why we want to share what is going on.

Today the trial period ends and we part ways with Kristers “keen” Dārznieks.

We knew that a leadership role would be challenging one to fill for such a young man/player. It was a great opportunity for him to tryout leading a squad against some of the top teams from the world and we are happy he took the chance and gave everything he had.

Unfortunately, leadership skills at the level we need are difficult to develop in such a short time frame so we are looking for another IGL.
We strongly believe that keen has a lot to offer, but we need a different profile for the time being.

We are truly happy with his effort and work ethic during the time in MAD Lions. However, this is trial and error for both the coaches and the players. We believe we are onto something, and more roster moves are coming until we find the right person to lead the squad. Best of luck Kristers and thank you!