MAD LIONS becomes first League of Legends Superliga Orange franchise to land an exclusive financial sector partner

JUNE 18, 2020 (MADRID, SPAIN // TORONTO, CANADA) — MAD Lions, owned by Canadian global esports organization, OverActive Media (OAM), announced today a partnership with Spanish digital services platform, imagin. The deal, effective immediately, will see the digital services and lifestyle platform become the exclusive financial sector partner of the League of Legends Superliga Orange (SLO) MAD Lions franchise. This is the first SLO franchise to announce a partner in the coveted finance  category.

The two brands have the goal of co-creating new products and holding different events that take place throughout the season. A good example is the launch product of this association: MAD Lions Affinity, a card with which you have access to a wide variety of special benefits. In addition, MAD Lions will have a new space in the center of Barcelona: the Imagin Café play area will be the team’s training center when visiting the city.

“Our new partner, imagin, is an innovative brand, constantly challenging the status quo of banking and digital services. It is this outside-of-the-box thinking that will bring tremendous energy to our partnership and the way we will be activating both of our brands,” said Jorge Schnura, VP, Strategy at OverActive Media, responsible for all MAD Lions franchises.

“Our goal at imagin has always been to evolve beyond just being a financial app. Built on the foundation as the leading bank in youth segment, we have become a community with a focus on lifestyle,” added Benjamí Puigdevall, CEO at imagin. “Our relationship with customers is more than just a bank account and financial products, it is about the sharing of valuable content and unique experiences, and this new partnership will add to our offerings.”

We are proud to add another premium brand to our growing roster of partners,” added Chris Overholt, CEO of OverActive Media. “Imagin has reshaped the way Spaniards think about banking and we are excited to be working alongside their team in the coming months to bring authentic and creative collaborations to our fans.”

More than 2.6 million users have made imagin their home for banking services. Yesterday, imagin announced new plans to go from being a banking app to a platform that includes financial and non-financial services, such as digital content and experiences. This unique accessibility will be granted to any user registered on the platform.