MAD Lions and GSIC powered by Microsoft renew their collaboration agreement for the 2020/2021 season

MAD Lions is the first esports club to have ‘GSIC powered by Microsoft’ as a technology partner 


MAY 12, 2020 (MADRID, SPAIN) – The Global Sports Innovation Centre (GSIC) powered by Microsoft is based in Madrid and is a non-profit association that has been promoted by Microsoft Sport Team since May 2015. 

MAD Lions will benefit from the support that GSIC provides to companies through creating business opportunities and promoting open innovation projects from the most relevant organizations in the industry. 

The GSIC is the pioneering center in sports innovation in Europe, exclusively focused on bringing the latest technological advances to all areas of the sports industry. The Center is fostering networking among the entire sports tech ecosystem and is a worldwide reference for the sports industry, from startups and companies to sports organizations and public and private institutions. 

Since GSIC opened its doors in May 2015, its objective has been to create a meeting point between the supply and demand of technology in the sports industry that helps sports entities in their digital transformation processes to recruit innovative solutions for anywhere in the world to help in their internationalization processes and reduce the gap between large and small technology-based companies. 

With this new addition, MAD Lions renews as a partner of GSIC powered by Microsoft together with big brands and renowned sports entities. 

“For us it is an honor to be able to be part of GSIC powered by Microsoft as the only esports club”, declares Samuel “Vegetta777” de Luque, youtuber and partner of MAD Lions. “Together with GSIC we are going to promote the development and implementation of the most advanced technologies in esports to contribute to the development of the sector.” 

Since the beginning, GSIC we have been committed to the growth of Esports by promoting innovation solutions that help the sustainability of this sector, as well as accompanying sponsors. For us, the success of the GSIC is the success of our members and we are pleased that Mad Lions was the first Esports club to join our center with a very clear vision of betting on membership in a business network that provides knowledge and new opportunities. in their sector. ”, says Iris Córdoba, general director of GSIC 


About MAD Lions 

 MAD Lions was born in 2017 as an esports club that, with its name, (MAD: Madrid; Lions: Lions of the Cybele) aims to become a world reference team in Madrid. Two years later it has become one of the most relevant clubs in the esports industry in Spain and worldwide.

 Founded by Jorge Schnura and Marcos Eguillor, and with Willyrex and Vegetta777 as partners, it is a club that competes in League of Legends in LEC and Superliga Orange in addition to CS: GO in Flashpoint.

 MAD Lions represents Hispanic passion and is governed by the values of respect,honor, sportsmanship, effort and discipline


About GSIC 

Global Sports Innovation Center powered by Microsoft (GSIC) is a non-profit association with the philosophy of a business cluster, which has been promoted by the Microsoft Sport division since 2015. The GSIC is a meeting point for technology-based companies, from startups to corporations, sports entities that are carrying out their digital transformation processes, as well as public and private institutions, universities and research groups. The GSIC activity focuses on 6 pillars: business network, startups and companies, applied research, training and education, showroom, Microsoft Partners Solutions and advisory services in digital transformation processes. More than 340 companies from 38 different countries have already had the support of the activities of the GSIC, as well as its network of industry professionals and ambassadors.