MAD Lions new CS:GO roster

It’s been a few months since we started a period for pause and preparation, but now we are pleased to inform you that we are ready to compete again in CS:GO and we are very happy to present you our new roster, please welcome our players:


jL is an achiever, a player whose competitiveness is contagious, and his core values and beliefs such as honesty, trust and goal-focused work are aligned with the team values. His drive is unmatched and a winning mindset he brings coupled with an openness for feedback will be a valuable figure for our squad.


Even though he is the youngest member of our squad, TMB still gives out a strong aura of confidence and shows ownership which is needed to improve individually and as a group. His ultimate motivation is to be a better version of himself and he can be a great influence on the rest of our squad. He appreciates good schedule, supportive coaching staff and for all that he’s a great fit for this team.


Woro has a strong work ethic and is confident that continual efforts will eventually lead him to reach the top. We have identified his passion, creativity and discipline as key strengths for joining this team together with his eagerness to try new things which will be useful for adjusting quickly to the new coaching structure and new teammates.


Sausol is an open-minded, competitive player who understands that at a core of a great team stands a positive environment for which he has a lot to offer. He is already familiar with going out of his comfort zone by experimenting different approaches, so we believe that Sausol has what it takes to thrive in this new team. He believes that he is ready to step up his game and we are confident that we can offer the best environment for him to take a leap.


Although confident in his abilities and strengths, he is also humble and hard-working, constantly looking for growth, both as a person and as a player. TudsoN’s easy-going and playful personality with strong listening skills will be helpful for adapting to a completely new roster with a new set of rules. We believe that the structure we are offering is going to be like a trampoline for him to soar.


Having started his climb to become pro 3 years ago he has not faltered since despite the difficulties and multiple obligations he had in parallel such as finishing school and having a job. He has followed his principles based on responsibility, organisation and continual improvement in & out of game which has caught our attention. Keen is solution-focused, gritty and consistent in his approach and this makes him a perfect fit for our squad.