Terms & Conditions The Pride

Terms & Conditions

  1. Definitions

In these General Terms and Conditions, words or expressions shall have the following meaning:

MEMBER: Refers to any person registered in The Pride Loyalty Program.
LOYALTY ACCOUNT: Refers to the loyalty account of each member of The Pride.
GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Refers to these Terms and Conditions governing The Pride Loyalty Program.
The Pride: Refers to the fan loyalty program implemented by Mad Lions.
The Pride DEDICATED WEBSITE: Refers to the official loyalty program website accessible at the following address: http://madlionsthepride.com/.
Roars: Refers to the loyalty points that can be used to access unique offers in The Pride platform. 

XPs: equals the total number of Roars earned by a member during his/her membership, regardless of whether the Roars that gave rise to each XP have been totally or partially redeemed for rewards as per this Terms and Conditions 

  1. Object

The Pride Loyalty Programs is operated by OAMLEC SLU (hereinafter, “Mad Lions”) a Spanish company registered in Calle de José Ortega y Gasset, 22 28003, Madrid, SPAIN and with tax registration number B88368469. 

Mad Lions has implemented a loyalty program called The Pride. This document defines the Terms and Conditions of The Pride Loyalty Program.
By agreeing to subscribe to the The Pride Loyalty Program, the member fully and unreservedly accepts these Terms and Conditions.
Mad Lions operates this program.
Mad Lions offers the The Pride loyalty program to all its fans.
These Terms and Conditions apply to all users of the site, without exception.
Mad Lions reserves the right to make changes to the present Terms and Conditions, according to the conditions set out in article 6. 

  1. Membership in The Pride loyalty program

The Pride loyalty program is for Mad Lions fans worldwide who want to strengthen their ties with the team and its players while being rewarded for their commitment.
The Pride is for fans over 18 years old. It is specified that, depending on the nature of the offers, Mad Lions reserves the right to expressly mention that the access of a minor must be done under the full responsibility of the holder(s) of parental authority. In this case, the Mad Lions explicitly reserves the right to request written proof at any time, especially when awarding gifts and advantages. Mad Lions will be obliged to disqualify any minor who is unable to provide such proof within the time limit set. In this case, any gifts and benefits potentially obtained would be immediately cancelled.

Members can connect or disconnect an account at any time. Disconnection of an account has to be initiated from the The Pride platform: in the tab ”Connect your platforms” within “My Account” section (accessible by clicking on the member’s picture), members can use the “Disconnect” button of the platform they wish to disconnect from The Pride. Once disconnected, Mad Lions stops rewarding the member’s engagement and stops collecting data in regards to the selected platform. 

Key Aspects of the Program: 

  1. The Pride loyalty program is built on and leverages Web3 technology.   


  1. This program is free to register and participate. 


  1. When users register, a wallet is automatically opened for the user where digital collectibles are stored – the wallet is tied to the registration email and does not require any financial information or investment. 


  1. Advantages of The Pride loyalty program

The Pride loyalty program allows any member to accumulate Roars on his/her Loyalty Account and to benefit from the advantages described below.

4.1 Common provisions

The member earns Roars according to the “quests” proposed by Mad Lions.
Roars have no market value. They cannot be exchanged for cash or sold to a third party.
Mad Lions reserves the right to delete, modify or complete the list of activities to earn Points without any financial compensation.

The member uses (“burn”) his/her Roars to access gifts and advantages (the “offers”) proposed by Mad Lions.
For all gifts and benefits offered by the The Pride Loyalty Program, Mad Lions reserves the right to remove or replace them, in whole or in part, by others of equivalent value. In such modification(s), Mad Lions will do its best to inform the members beforehand.

At each earn or burn of Roars, the member’s Loyalty Account will be automatically credited or debited with the associated number of Roars. However, purchases made with Roars will not give right to Roars attribution.

Roars are recorded starting with the registration of the member.

The loyalty account is personal to the member. Under no circumstances, the accumulated Roars can be transferred from one loyalty account to another.

4.2 Acquisition of Roars

Different quests allow fans to earn Roars and to generate experience: 

  • After the member has connected The Pride to his/her accounts (e.g. social networks, streaming platform…), his/her digital fan engagement will be recognized and rewarded with attribution of Roars. 
  • The realization of specific quests will also allow members to earn Roars. 


After the completion of a quest, the associated earning of Roars (and equivalent XPs) is automatically recorded in the account history. 


4.3 Experience points (XPs) 


Users complete tasks to generate XPs (“experience points”) and Roars: one for one. After completing a mission, both the number of Roars and XP will increase. 

After purchasing an offer or a ticket for a lucky draw, the number of accumulated XPs do not decrease as opposed to the number of available Roars, which will decrease in the number spent in exchange for the purchase of the offer or the ticket for the lucky draw. 

The number of accumulated XPs allow the member to evolve from one status to another (see article 4.5). 


4.4 Use of Roars 


Only Roars earned by the member can be used in The Pride platform. The member has the possibility to exchange his/her available Roars for “offers.” 

There are 2 categories of offers: 

  • The direct purchase of a product, an experience, or a discount; 
  • The purchase of a ticket that gives the right to participate in a lucky draw to win a product or experience. 


Mad Lions reserves the right to propose special and limited time offers to all or part of the members. Mad Lions also reserves the right to limit the sales of the offers to any geographic region or jurisdiction. 


The offers are valid until the date indicated and while stocks last. 

The pictures are not contractual. 


Any modification or cancellation of an order by a member can in no case give the right to a refund of Roars. 


After the purchase of an offer, the associated expense is automatically recorded in the account history. 


Specific terms for sweepstakes (“lucky draws”) 


The winner will be drawn randomly amongst all members who have purchased at least one ticket to participate in the lucky draw. The draw will occur on the date indicated on the The Pride platform, using a random algorithm to ensure fairness to all participants. 

Lucky draws are only open for a limited period. A countdown timer indicates the remaining time to purchase ticket(s). A member cannot cancel his/her participation in a lucky draw once he/she has purchased a ticket. 

The purchase of a ticket is confirmed by an email sent to the member. 

Only the first participant drawn will be entitled to the winning prize. If the participant wins the lucky draw, he/she will receive an email to inform him/her. Our teams will then contact the member to plan the delivery modalities. 

Mad Lions reserves the right to modify the lucky draw process at any time, according to the conditions set out in article 6. 

The  prize may be subject to income or other taxes The winner is solely responsible for complying, if any, with the tax obligations arising from the delivery of the prize. 


4.5 Status 


To reward its members’ involvement, the loyalty program defines performance levels known as “status” and are accessible according to the number of experience points XP (as defined in section 4.3 above). The exchange of Roars for offers does not diminish the number of accumulated XPs and therefore accessing offers does not decrease the chances to move from one status to another. 


As such, status reflect the engagement of each member. Required number of XPs to reach each status are determined by Mad Lions and may evolve from one Season to another (see article 4.7). 


For each of these status, specific advantages are provided by Mad Lions. Mad Lions reserves the right to delete, modify or replace in whole or in part the statutory advantages offered by The Pride. In case of such modification(s), Mad Lions will do its best to inform the members beforehand. 


4.6 Leaderboard 


The leaderboard is established based on the number of XP (i.e Roars accumulated) during the season. All members are part of it.
The leaderboard has the purpose to determine who are the best fans.
After each quest, the member will see his/her XP increase, which will allow him/her to see his/her position in the leaderboard evolve. 


4.7 Season 


MAD Lions has the possibility to set-up a specific time period known as “Season” during which members of The Pride compete to top the leaderboard. Season length is chosen by the MAD Lions. At the end of the Season, the leaderboard is reset and archived in the “Hall of Fame” to record the past performance of the best fans. 

  1. Responsibility

The use of Roars is the sole and entire responsibility of the member from the moment the Roars have been credited to his/her loyalty account.
Mad Lions declines all responsibility for the fraudulent use of The Pride membership and/or the Roars credited to the member’s loyalty account.
Mad Lions is only bound by an obligation of means about the functioning and continuity of the service. In particular, it cannot be held responsible for losses or damages resulting from a failure of access or operation of the site dedicated to The Pride, as well as for the alteration, fraudulent access, or accidental transmission of data. 

  1. Modification and termination of The Pride loyalty program

Mad Lions reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions of The Pride loyalty program and may modify or discontinue the benefits of The Pride loyalty program at any time, subject to notifying the members.
These Terms and Conditions and any changes to them will be considered approved when a member uses the The Pride platform, or orders, or uses in any way whatsoever an offer, or benefits from a program’s perk, or if no written objection is registered within 30 days of notification. If a member does not accept the program’s changes, he/she may terminate his/her membership according to Article 7.
Mad Lions may also terminate the The Pride loyalty program subject to prior notice to the Members.
No modification or termination of the The Pride loyalty program will entitle the members to compensation. 

  1. Duration and Termination

Membership in the The Pride loyalty program is for an indefinite period.
The member can terminate his/her membership in the The Pride loyalty program at any time via “My Account” tab (accessible by clicking on the member’s picture).

In case of termination of the account by the member, the balance will be cleared.
If the balance to be cleared does not allow the member to benefit from an offer, it will not allow for any compensation and the balance will be automatically cancelled.

Any fraudulent or abusive exploitation of the The Pride loyalty program constitutes a cause for automatic termination of the The Pride membership, without prejudice to any legal action that Mad Lions may initiate. Mad Lions will carry out this suspension and/or termination after having notified the member, by the most appropriate means, without the member being able to claim any compensation, in particular in the following cases: 

  1. In the event of non-compliance with these General Terms and Conditions 
  1. In the event of improper use or misuse of the The Pride loyalty program. 


  1. Privacy Policy 

Mad Lions is committed to protecting members’ personal data and handling it responsibly. has taken all measures to comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and any other applicable law and/or regulation.

The Privacy Policy gives all relevant details in regards to the treatment of members’ personal data. 

  1. Notice

The member is informed that by registering to the The Pride loyalty program, he/she agrees to receive an e-mail – with the associated additional information – for each of the actions listed below : 

  • Email confirmation to register to the The Pride platform 
  • Confirmation of purchase of a product or service 
  • Confirmation of participation to a lucky draw 
  • Win of a lucky draw 
  • Reset of the password 
  • Ad hoc communication regarding The Pride loyalty program & activations 


Mad Lions will use the email communicated by the member during registration. 

Mad Lions will not transfer any member’s data to partners for marketing or commercial prospecting purposes without previous and explicit consent of the member. 


  1. User support

The Pride provides its members with an assistance service on the Discord platform (accessible from the “My Account” section). 

  1. Complaints

For any complaint concerning the granting of offers related to The PRide, please contact Mad Lions by e-mail hello@madlions.com. The complaint must imperatively intervene, in all cases, within two months from the offer’s order. 

  1. Limitation of Liability

In no event will Mad Lions be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages of any kind, which arise out of or are in any way connected with The Pride loyalty program, these program rules, or the Mad Lions operation of the loyalty program. 

  1. Applicable Law / Litigation

Membership in the Loyalty Program are subject to all applicable local laws and regulations. Membership in the Loyalty Program, Member benefits, and Experience Points (XP) are offered in good faith; however, they may not be available if prohibited or restricted by applicable law or regulation in Spain or Member’s jurisdiction of residence. If any part of these Loyalty Program Rules is held to be unlawful or unenforceable, that part will be deemed deleted from these Program Rules in such jurisdiction and the remaining provisions will remain in force. 

Any dispute relating to the formation, execution, or interpretation of these Terms and Conditions, which cannot be settled amicably, falls within the jurisdiction of courts located in the country of Spain. 



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