The Pride

This program is born in November 2023. At the end of each season, your XP will reset and your journey will start again!   We kick off the second season on February 29th – don’t miss out!

Think of the Zilliqa Wallet as a digital twin of your everyday wallet. It’s your personal vault to securely store your unique digital collectibles. The wallet is a custodial wallet, meaning that there aren’t any secret phrases or complex codes to remember, it is simply linked to your email address and no financial information is...

This program mixes the best of the physical and digital worlds. The rewards you will discover range from exclusive team content, discounts, special events, trips and much more.

Those who become part of The Pride can look forward to a series of quests and missions to showcase their MAD Lions fandom. Each quest or mission will earn XP and Roars (our in-game currency) that can later be exchanged for exclusive experiences and benefits. The higher up the leaderboard you rise the more responsibility...



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